Sponsoring David

Although I have big plans for my golf career, I am not there yet.

If you have any interest in helping sponsor me, please contact me and/or click the "donate" (via PayPal) link above.

The levels of support vary by the amount of sponsorship and/or agreement reached. Based on the share system that I have set up via David Wetterich Golf, LLC. The shares system is explained as follows:

Each share costs $200.00

In return I will be paying a percentage of prize money to each shareholder pro rata.

Return on share investment:

1-100 shares sold: 75% to player, 25% to shareholder

101-150 shares sold: 60% to player, 40% to shareholder

151-200 shares sold: 50% to player, 50% to shareholder

200+ shares sold: 40% to player, 60% to shareholder

Simply put: I WIN, YOU WIN!


All agreements are liable for negotiable if necessary - whether it is spots in having a company logo on golf bag/shirt, reservations for Pro-Am in a tour event, golfing with clients, charity events, promissory notes, etc. - please reach out if this is a desired action!

There are different ways to pay to help support me (credit card, PayPal, check, bank transfer, etc.) as well as different lengths of payment (e.g. one-time, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.). All of this is accessible through PayPal and through contacting me personally.

Please see attached below a pdf document of my sponsorship information for the rest of2018 and 2019 as well as a Sponsorship Contract Agreement.

I am fully committed to achieving all my goals and will not stop until I do. Any form of support to help me achieve my goals as a professional golfer is gratefully appreciated!


David Wetterich Golf Sponsorship Information

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Contract of Agreement to Sponsor

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